AARP’s dirty little Obamacare secrets

“Sorry, AARP, you own Obamacare,” William A. Jacobson blogged October 4, 2012, at Legal Insurrection. Jacobson wrote:

    I have written numerous times about AARP’s love affair with Obamacare, including recently disclosed documents showing coordination of strategy. Proponents of Obamacare often cited AARP’s support as the equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

    Few AARP members probably realize how big a role AARP played in Obamacare.

Of course not. There is always more to the AARP-Obamacare story — hoodcoodanode?

This past Monday, Bill Baar posted the following on his West Side blog:

    A must read for Progressives [fond] of quoting Eisenhower [in 1961] on the Military Industrial Complex. Today [America] has a Government / Medical Industry Complex and the Weekly Standard unravels the [ugly] interconnections here: The Sebelius Coverup [and Obamacare insurance exchanges].

    The only thing the Standard missed was United Healthcare’s connection with AARP (and the likes of Illinois Health Matters [re “new consumer benefits”,] which seems AARP funded to me) which even some Democrats are shuddering over. [Democratic Underground link failed to connect.]

Aaron Klein and I wrote in Fool Me Twice:

    Medicare participants may purchase private insurance, known as Medigap, to take “advantage of employer-based plans, or opting to buy into Medicare Parts C and/or D (which refer to the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans respectively).” Medicare Parts C and D are private plans, yet contracted through the Medicare program, meaning health care professionals are “paid with government funds that are allocated to private insurance providers.” It’s a win-win for health insurers.

    A major beneficiary is AARP, the nation’s largest provider of Medigap, which lobbied for Obamacare and now stands to profit from it. A late-March 2011 report by the House Ways & Means Committee exposed AARP’s “apparent conflict of interest” and revealed the tradeoff for AARP’s support of the law—AARP stood to make $1 billion over ten years “on health insurance plans whose sales [were] expected to pick up under the new law.

There is so much more to add to the AARP saga and its coordination with progressive groups and public relations firms, not to mention its several connections to the Obama admin. The following articles come from my wayback machine archive.

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One comment on “AARP’s dirty little Obamacare secrets

  1. Bill Baar says:

    The Democratic Underground seems to have pulled down their link on AARP and United Healthcare.

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