Obama uses Inouye eulogy to retell his childhood visit to Chicago fairy tale — again (Updated)

This is totally amazing! Finally! Finally! Finally! Someone has finally had enough of Obama’s mind-numbing narcissism!

Emily Yoffe spells it out in the left-leaning Slate.com: “Today We Are Gathered … To Hear More About Me. President Obama was supposed to eulogize the memory of Sen. Daniel Inouye. Instead he told us about his favorite summer vacation.”

This is one of those topics I thought I had nearly flogged to death — Obama’s telling and retelling of his fairy tale about his childhood visit to Chicago.

First, though, here’s what Yoffe has to say:

    Obama likes to see events through the lens of his own life’s chronology. Thus we learn that Inouye was elected to the Senate when Obama was 2 years old. Now you could make this relevant by describing how Inouye worked to send federal dollars (you don’t have to call it “pork” at a funeral) to transform Hawaii’s roads and schools, for example, so that the Hawaii Obama grew up in had the kind of facilities people on the mainland had long taken for granted. But no, we simply learn that Inouye was Obama’s senator until he left the state to go to college—something apparently more momentous than anything Inouye did during his decades in office.

    Obama acknowledges that as a young person he was unaware of politics, and thus Inouye. But then something important happened that made young Obama pay attention to the first man to be elected to Congress from Hawaii after it joined the union. When Obama was 11 years old he went on vacation with his family, and those paying their respects to Inouye got to hear a long description of this amazing trip, from Seattle to Kansas, from Disneyland to Yellowstone. They heard of the young Obama’s happiness whenever the motel had a pool or an ice machine. And finally, as the people must have been twitching in the pews wondering where this was all going, we get back to the late senator.

    It turns out the Watergate hearings were taking place at that time, too, and Obama’s mother watched them in their various hotel rooms.

Surprisingly, Yoffe also notes: “That Obama in some way may have been inspired to a political career by a man who overcame prejudice and later became Obama’s colleague is a fine point to make. But it is an incidental one to the life being celebrated. … Obama never really gives us a sense of the life being celebrated.”

That would have been the man he was there to eulogize — Senator Daniel Inouye.

As Daniel Greenfield notes at FrontPageMag.com, “The Senator, like the rest of humanity, only exists for the enlightenment and entertainment of Barack Hussein Obama. His life story is a footnote in Obama’s own.”

But that’s Obama. It’s ALWAYS ALL ABOUT HIM.

Caught up in the Obama spin machine, Yoffe fails to dissect Obama’s claims about his childhood visit.

In all fairness, Yoffe gets a bit of a pass. She is not the first to get caught up in Obama’s retelling of the story without questioning the details — although we do have a new embellishment. Obama added info about his “happiness whenever the motel had a pool or an ice machine.”

But here’s the truth, which I have been reporting for several years now. The most recent update comes from last July:

One day after announcing that the “biggest mistake” he had made during his first term in office was “putting policy over storytelling”, Obama delivered yet another version of his childhood vacation to the mainland.

Keith Lang at The Hill reported:

    President Obama took another opportunity to subtly ding Republican opponent Mitt Romney for his wealth Friday by remarking in a campaign speech that childhood family vacations were taken on Greyhound.

    Speaking in Virginia Beach, Obama said that his family did not often fly when it took vacations during his childhood.

    “I was up in Ohio talking about, you know, my favorite vacation,” Obama said Friday. “When I was 11 years old, my grandmother and my mother, my sister and me, we traveled the country.

    “But we didn’t do it on jets,” Obama continued as his audience laughed. “No, we took Greyhound and the train. And I think twice we rented a car.”

A few months earlier, in May of this year, I related Obama’s own words from Dreams From My Father (page 144). All added emphasis is mine.

    I have been to Chicago once before. It was during the summer after my father’s visit to Hawaii, before my eleventh birthday, when [my grandmother] Toot had decided it was time I saw the mainland of the United States. …

    We traveled for over a month, Toot and my mother and [my sister] Maya and I — Gramps had lost his taste for traveling by this time and chose to stay behind. We flew to Seattle, then went down the coast to California and Disneyland, east to the Grand Canyon, across the Great Plains to Kansas City, then up to the Great Lakes before heading back west through Yellowstone Park. We took Greyhound buses, mostly, and stayed at Howard Johnson’s, and watched the Watergate hearings every night before going to bed.

He also mentions they stayed in Chicago for three days, he thinks in July, even though he remembers the weather being “cold and gray.”

As I have repeatedly said, this is target rich territory for Google.

We start with dates. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961. Barack Obama Sr. returned to Hawaii briefly in December 1971.

Barack Obama Jr. would have turned eleven in August 1972.

We now have a window. The three days spent in Chicago would have been between December 1971, when Obama’s father visited Hawaii, and August 4, 1972, the date of his eleventh birthday.

Except that, in May, Obama changed his story. He did this again in the Inouye eulogy. He says he was eleven when they made the trip.

Now for the Watergate hearings on tv.

This one is way too easy. Pay close attention to the dates and the answer is self-evident.

You see, it was on the night of June 17, 1972, when “five burglars were arrested in the Democratic National Committee offices” in the Watergate Building in Washington, DC.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications informs:

    The U.S. Senate, by a 77-to-0 vote, approved a resolution on 7 February 1973, to impanel the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities to investigate Watergate. Known as the Ervin Committee for its Chairperson, Senator Sam Ervin, the Committee began public hearings on 17 May 1973, that shortly came to be known as the “Watergate Hearings.”

Except that Obama now says he was eleven when he made the month-long trip.

The Watergate hearings ended August 7, 1973. Obama’s family could have watched the hearings during the summer of 1973 except for the inconvenient fact that his father had visited Hawaii in December 1971 and the following summer was in 1972. Obama can’t have it both ways.

Why does Obama keep changing and embellishing this story?

Because he can and no one in the partisan media is going to call him on it. So, he spins and he twists and he turns the same tale over and over again. It gets the applause and that’s all that really matters to him — ever.

Update: Long-time Obama dissecter Jack Cashill also notes Obama’s Chicago trip lie:

    The story of the trip set up the punch line. He told Inouye’s mourners that “my mother that summer would turn on the TV every night during this vacation and watch the Watergate hearings,” and he was forced to watch, too. Of course, the senator who “fascinated” him most was “this man of Japanese descent with one arm, speaking in this courtly baritone, full of dignity and grace.”

    This story would work only if Obama had toured the United States during the summer of the Watergate hearings, 1973, when he was eleven years old going on twelve, but in his memoir Dreams from My Father, he tells another story — a much more specific one. Yes, he made the same trip, but he did so “during the summer after my father’s visit to Hawaii, before my eleventh birthday.” This would have been 1972, when Watergate was still a third-rate burglary that had gotten little media traction.

Cashill adds one more detail that further shatters Obama’s story:

    In Dreams, Obama mentioned a Kansas City stop along the way, and Madelyn [Dunham]’s youngest brother in suburban KC would later provide photographic evidence of the same. He confirmed the year as 1972. This disparity did not stop Obama from relating in Dreams how in that elusive summer he “watched the Watergate hearings every night before going to bed.”

Again, in Obamaland facts do not matter. His parallel universe version of reality always does.

One comment on “Obama uses Inouye eulogy to retell his childhood visit to Chicago fairy tale — again (Updated)

  1. Bill Baar says:

    We Chicagoans like to think of our city as a place were anyone can reinvent themselves as they wish. Obama’s taken that freedom to an extreme it seems.

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