elliott smallBrenda J. Elliott, an author and historian, is the co-author with Aaron Klein of two New York Times best-selling books, Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed, released in late July 2012, and The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists, which came out in May 2010.

Elliott and Klein’s most recent book, Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office, was released in August 2013.

Their third book, Red Army: The Radical Network that Must Be Defeated to Save America, came out in October 2011.

Elliott is also the creator of the former RezkoWatch (RW), TheRealBarackObama (RBO), and rbo2 blogs. While all three have been retired, they contain more than 4,000 articles — some of which could make encore performances or play a bit part at any time.


Just in case you didn’t get it, Hoocoodanode? is slang for “Who could have known?”

It is my clean slate for a new blog, a follow up to five years of political blogging about candidate and then president Barack Obama, progressives and assorted radicals, and hot topics. Prior to that, I worked diligently at the now-clearly-progressive wiki site, SourceWatch. There is so much more to write about than that although politics remains at center stage.

Hoocoodanode provides me with a wide-open field for discourse. Its very name is so appropriate to the times in which we live, as you will see.

The explanation for the term Hoocoodanode? comes from several sources.

I first encountered it in 2009 when I was posting on my former blog, The Real Barack Obama aka RBO. According to Mikkel Fishman at The Moderate Voice, it had “become the catch phrase amongst economics blogs when something that they had anticipated for years happened and everyone was shocked … simply shocked!”

The Urban Dictionary defines hoocoodanode thusly:

    Made mockingly, toward a situation where short term choices present an outcome that is clearly obvious – yet the claimants say the outcome could never be anticipated. There is an implicit assumption that person(s) at fault, refuse to accept responsibility for their choices. The original question (used by them) is an attempt to deflect criticism. This word is popularized on economic blogs and forums.

This dishonest deflection is illustrated by “Supreme Keynesian Voodoo acolyte” Paul Krugman, who wrote in a December 2008 New York Times column about a recent article in his paper about our country’s nasty habit of borrowing money from foreigners, particularly China, to finance U.S. heavy spending. That the problem with this ill-advised practice had not been recognized as unsustainable, Krugman noted, was not necessarily the case.

“So it wasn’t that people failed to notice the problem,” he wrote. “Instead, what happened was active — and often angry — denial. … The answer, in short, to the question of why key players didn’t see the problem coming is that they didn’t want to know.”

The proper response to Hoocoodanode? in this instance was “Ushouldanode! — it’s your job”.

At the very least, it’s now my job to not only locate hoocoodanode? moments and perpetrators but also to expose them for the fraud that they are.

But .. there will be much more.


This blog is not associated with any organization or political party and does not receive contributions or financial backing from any sponsor. It offers serious news reports/opinion and original research, including about Barack Obama, the Obama administration, the American progressive and radical communities, and other topics as they arise.


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