Batchelor: Unclassified Benghazi, To Be Continued

John Batchelor writes on his blog:

Spoke to Joe Kernan, of CNBC “Kudlow Report,” re the unclassified report on the Benghazi tragedy, and I aimed to be clear that the State Department is not at fault.

The Benghazi mission was and continues to be a national security operation for arming, training, funding, and transporting Libyan Jihadists from Cyrenaica Province of Libya to Syria to pretend to be the “Free Syrian Army”. This is the Obama foreign policy after two years of the Arab Spring — making common cause with strongmen and hiring gunmen to do the bidding of the powers.

Benghazi is a window on the larger operation that aims to pressure Assad to leave Damascus or to pressure Tehran to negotiate with the US in order to preserve Assad.

The men who killed the ambassador and the CIA ops at Benghazi were cuthroats and blackguards who were also the known hirelings of the US and Turkey. The strike that day was a revenge attack in response to the US drone-killing a Libyan gangster who was No. 3 at Al Qaeda, named al-Libi.

This is what the classified report begins to discuss. The Benghazi story will play out for years.

What is also true is that the Islamists and Jihadists know they can play Washington for chumps.

No hurry on the details. White House speakers propose distortions of the narrative. History disposes the distorters (Susan Rice).

Game is afoot, to be continued, enjoy.

Lying Liars: Black Bloc anarchist Mark Provost, co-founder of #OccupytheNRA and another #OWS hypocrite

Occupy Wall Street never saw a crisis it could not exploit. This time it took no time at all for an OWS branch of gun control crazies — Occupy the NRA — to issue a call to arms (no pun intended) to organize and capitalize on Friday’s horrific shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“In recent months, Occupy Wall Street has proven to be a versatile force capable of tackling a variety of issues from inequality to Hurricane Sandy to crippling debt,” Allison Kilkenny wrote yesterday in the leftist rag, The Nation.

Kilkenny (her real name), continued:

    Now, an offshoot of the original movement says it plans to unleash the power of the 99 percent on the National Rifle Association.

    In the wake of the tragic elementary school massacre in Connecticut, the group launched Friday afternoon with a Facebook page, “Occupy the NRA,” which currently has over 3,300 likes.

    The group’s first post was a picture of an assault weapon with overlaid text: “The US has 5% of the world’s population, but accounts for half of all firearms worldwide and 80% of the gun deaths in the 23 richest countries.” The image has been shared over 8,300 times and liked by 655 people.

    Another post lists the contact information for every NRA board member and encourages the page’s followers to write, e-mail, call, and “ask them how many more children, parents, sisters, and brothers must die before they’ll agree to truly effective gun control.”

Ironically, the newly-minted protest group’s leader is Mark Provost of my home state, New Hampshire. If you are not aware, our state’s motto is “Live Free or Die”. Obviously, Provost does not subscribe to that belief.

On his Twitter profile page, Provost self identifies thusly: “Economic journalist focused on US income and wealth inequality, Occupier.”

But Provost is so much more.

In January 2012, Provost heckled then Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney:

    Occupy New Hampshire activist Mark Provost made national headlines Wednesday when he attended a town-hall meeting hosted by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and asked about his past comment that “corporations are people.” Provost’s question to Romney came as Occupy New Hampshire is preparing for a series of events leading up to the state’s Republican primary to highlight the disproportionate impact corporations and wealthy donors have on the political process. We play an excerpt of the town-hall exchange and get Provost’s response to Romney reply. “I think his response really, again, is this denial that there’s this class in the country and that there are some people within the corporation, specifically the workers, that are taking it on the chin so that the United States’ executive management can make massive bonuses, and serve their shareholders rather well, too, because the profits largely go to capital gains and dividends.”

Provost, however, is an equal opportunity heckler. In November 2011, at an Obama event in Manchester, NH, Provost went on the attack:

    President Barack Obama got a rude reception from a few protesters in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

    The President was temporarily thrown off his stride when Occupy protesters interrupted his speech.

    The protesters asked the President to help stop what they see as police brutality being waged on their members.

    “I want the President to immediately direct his justice department to…any police officer or any police chief who does not respect the First Amendment,” said Mark Provost, an Occupy protester.

    After listening patiently, the President asked for his turn to speak and was given a polite applause when he acknowledged the protesters.

    “So a lot of the folks who have been down in New York and all across the country in the Occupy movement, there is a profound sense of frustration,” said Obama.

It’s always good for budding anarchists to know the Preezy is on their side.

NATOblackblockIt just so happens that the photo ID for Provost’s Twitter profile picture bears the label “NATOblackblock”.

The Wikipedia article for “Black bloc” reports:

    A black bloc is a tactic for protests and marches where individuals wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal marchers’ identities, allow them to appear as one large unified mass, and promote solidarity.

(fyi: Aspiring anarchists can watch a video series on the Black Bloc Field Manual and watch Black Bloc introduction.)

How does that song go? If you’re a happy anarchist and you know it, clap your hands? Why hide?

The NATO Black Bloc “protesters”, as Jonathon M. Seidl reported May 21st at The Blaze, clashed with police “at the end of a march protesting the NATO summit” held in Chicago. World leaders were there to “[discuss] the war in Afghanistan, European missile defense and other security issues.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported from inside the Black Bloc clash:

    Several thousand protesters spent five hours peacefully chanting, singing and marching against war. At the end, nearly 40 young veterans dramatically took their military medals and hurled them toward McCormick Place, where world leaders met behind closed doors.

    It was supposed to end there — at Michigan and Cermak.

    But a “Black Bloc” of about 100 anarchists wanted something else. The group, which chanted “What do we want? Dead cops!” as it left Grant Park at 2 p.m., surged to the front of the protest crowd and tried to break through the imposing line of Chicago cops in riot gear blocking its path.

    Then, in a scene Chicagoans feared ever since the city learned it would host the NATO Summit, the two sides violently clashed on live TV, with police nightsticks flailing and protesters unleashing a volley of sticks, bottles and at least one rock.

    The battle at Michigan and Cermak flared and then slowed, and then flared again in bursts between 5 and 6:30 p.m. By then, much of the Black Bloc had slipped away, leaving behind a scene of bloodied protesters and four injured cops, including one stabbed in the leg.

    With police intent on pushing protesters west away from the NATO Summit, and the Black Bloc hell bent on pushing east towards President Barack Obama and dozens of world leaders, the clash seemed an inevitable conclusion to months of debate over how and where the protest would end.

This is not to say that Provost was among the 100 or so anarchists who clashed with the police but these questions must be asked: Was Provost in fact at the NATO protests with the Black Bloc? If not, he’s a poseur, a freud. If he was, then he is clearly broadcasting to the world that he was part of the anarchist brigade in Chicago.

Let’s look at the evidence.

On May 17th, Provost tweeted a link to the Occupy Chicago and NATO/G8 Guide.

Provost traveled to Chicago with fellow Boston area anarchists.

In a May 21st interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, Provost admitted to not only having been there but also to witnessing “police brutality”:

    GOODMAN: Chicago Police have also been criticized by activist groups for using violent force to break up protests. On Saturday, a police van was videotaped nearly running over a protester. Mark Provost of Occupy Boston and Occupy New Hampshire witnessed the incident.

    PROVOST: I witnessed a young woman hit by a police van, and then he subsequently attempted to run over a protester for approximately 40 yards down a hill, going 10 to 12 miles an hour, not staggered, but fully 10 to 12 miles an hour. I’ve never witnessed such violence in my life.

There are a number of videos posted online that show the incident. A clip on shows the protesters attacking the van. Democracy Now! described it as police entrapment.

The stage had been set for just such an incident days earlier. The Blaze reported May 17th:

    Today marks a moment when radical Leftist anti-NATO demonstrations in the city, affiliated with “Occupy NATO,” are hitting their stride. And as with all Leftist demonstrations, black bloc tactics are involved. To that end, a group of masked thugs from the protests went to the trouble of taking over Chicago’s Halsted Street, even going so far as laying down in front of a police station. …

    One such person, after apparently being accused of racism by a protester, defiantly yells back “I’m a racist! F**k you! F**k everyone!” Another, meanwhile, says incredulously about the organizers of the protest, “You’re not even from Chicago! What are you doing here?”

    Intercut with the clips are shots of breathtaking displays of public disorderliness, including protesters swarming the Chicago subway (some of whom are wearing black scarfs over their faces), and screaming obscenities at the police. Others go so far as blocking cars with street signs while hooting.

    Perhaps most hilarious of all, there are a few shots of members of the National Lawyers’ Guild (an organization which was noted for being a communist front group as far back as the 1950′s) observing the proceedings, and describing the protesters as their “clients” even though these protesters are, presumably, paying them precisely no money.

This is all so déjà vu, as it was Obama neighbor Bernardine Dohrn who helped set up the National Lawyers Guild legal defense operation in Chicago in October 1969 (as well as help to organize the Students for a Democratic Society protests) ahead of the Days of Rage riots.

Dohrn was there, you see, to provide free legal services and keep the 1960s version of Black bloc anarchists out of jail.


Batchelor: Zero Dark Fairy Tale

John Batchelor writes on his blog:

Spoke to Eli Lake, Malcolm Hoenlein, and Reza Khalili with regard to the Middle East minefield, and what is to be done with the predator state of Iran.

The new Hollywood version of what is to be done, Zero Dark Thirty, presents the horse opera scenario of how to win a war. Find the boss villain hidden in the lush despair of the Hindu Kush and kill him. The hunt for Bin Laden looks more like a video game than an historical event.

It may be that the fight against the Devils of Tehran is now so vast and unpredictable that we can only soothe ourselves with a fairy tale of a righteous ending such as the Bin Laden gambit: the beast is slain, long live the king. Bin Laden was a gangster who puffed himself up to be a revolutionary. At the end, Bin Laden was a vain, weary, impotent foil for other men’s ambitions. Killing Bin Laden answered no questions in the long-running war with the Devils.

The Devils

Tehran is the enemy, and it will not wait to be defeated by lightly-armed operators shooting into a hole as in the Bin Laden end.

Reza Kahlili tells me his sources report a biowar factory buried in the hillside outside of metropolitan Tehran, employing Russian techs to weaponize anthrax, encephalitis and worse. Carved in the hillside by the factory, visible on Google Earth, is the Farsi symbol for “Ya-Mahdi,” meaning the 12th Imam is coming after chaos and war sweep the earth.

This is a measure of the genuine threat of Tehran. The Supreme Leader is not a stick figure middle-aged man like Bin Laden who bullies women and boasts of his piety. Rather, the Supreme Leader commands to the death the NBC-loaded IRGC of Iran, waiting to launch a genocidal war against Israel in order to trigger more mass murder in the Middle East.

It can sound far-fetched to state the war aims of men who practice torture at home in Tehran and ignite missile salvos on innocents abroad as in Syria. The plain fact is that the Twelvers of Tehran are a murder cult in the same way the Hitlerites and their Death’s Head cult were in 1939 when the Germans punched into Poland.

The IRGC has long since crossed the boundary between good and evil. Hollywood does not have a script for how, when the darkness visible of the Devils falls across the lands, it cannot be lifted without answering with a violence that never ends happily or righteously — and sometimes not for eighty or one hundred years.

Chuck Hagel and Obama’s global taxation agenda

Preezy Obama wants former Nebraska senator and RINO Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, so reports

According to an anonymous source cited in the report, Hagel “has passed the vetting process at the White House Counsel’s office”. The decision is pending: a second source reported Hagel has already “told associates that he is awaiting final word from the president”.

There is no question there will be a lot of chatter by New Media about the possible Hagel selection. Meanwhile expect more of the same Obama cheerleading from the Lamestream Media.

It came as no surprise to some back in Febrary 2008 when candidate Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate, particularly since on the 13th of that month it was Biden who rushed the passage of Obama’s bill, The Global Poverty Act (S.2433), also referred to as the “Global Poverty Tax,” through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The bill, introduced December 7, 2007, by Obama, Hagel, and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), was based on H.R. 1302 that was passed by the Democrat-controlled House September 25, 2007. The Senate bill had been scheduled for debate since April 24, 2008, but — fortunately — never moved any further in the process.

According to the Borgen Project, which supported the legislation, the Act:

    • Declares it official U.S. policy to promote the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of cutting extreme global poverty in half by 2015.

    • Requires the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to carry out that policy.

    • Includes guidelines for what the strategy should include – from aid, trade, and debt relief, to working with the international community, businesses and NGOs, to ensuring environmental sustainability.

    • Requires that the President’s strategy include specific and measurable goals, efforts to be undertaken, benchmarks, and timetables.

    • Requires the President to report back to Congress on progress made in the implementation of the global poverty strategy.

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media wrote in February 2008:

    Obama’s bill has only six co-sponsors. They are Senators Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein, Richard Lugar, Richard Durbin, Chuck Hagel and Robert Menendez. But it appears that Biden and Obama see passage of this bill as a way to highlight Democratic Party priorities in the Senate. …

    It appears the Senate version was being pushed not only by Biden and Obama, a member of the committee, but Lugar, the ranking Republican member. Lugar has worked with Obama in the past to promote more foreign aid for Russia, supposedly to stem nuclear proliferation, and has become Obama’s mentor. Like Biden, Lugar is a globalist.